"There is nothing more informative and transforming than regressive hypnosis, especially when it is administered and guided by a truly well-trained individual such as Louisa Terrell.  The method that Louisa uses is incredibly effective, and the experience is powerful!  It is almost as if the puzzle pieces of your life fall into place and everything begins to make sense.  You are left with a perspective you've never imagined-an understanding you've always searched for.  I can't wait for my next session." --Linda

"Call Me Mamie."


     As an older white woman at this time and place, it was quite amazing to discover through regressive hypnosis that I was once a female black slave named Mamie who worked for a wealthy planter in the state of Mississippi in the eighteen hundreds.  I lived a life of service in the home of the family while my husband, Johnny, worked in the fields.  Our life was a simple but happy one with much love for one another.  Although we didn't have much for ourselves, we had each other, and that was abundantly enough.  It was a truly sweet life, and meeting Mamie helped me know and love myself more.  

     My next regression was into the former life of a boat builder in the Boston area during the Presidency of Calvin Coolidge.  I built wooden fishing vessels for fishermen in my area.  This life was in stark contrast to the life of sweet little Mamie.  In this life, I was a big and robust white man with strong, rough hands who took pride in his craft and his ability to provide for his wife and three children.  

     These two contrasting lives of a small unassuming black woman and a strong virile white male were BOTH ME!!  They both are and were the person I am today.  Both of them are facets of ME and provide clarity and understanding into who I clearly am in this life.  It is incredible to know that who you are reaches far beyond what you once thought of yourself but yet, somehow, always knew.--Linda

Louisa is an amazing facilitator!  She puts you at ease right away and makes you feel comfortable for the duration of the session.  She thinks of everything from requesting things for you to bring or do before the session, as well as things not to do before the session that may hinder the process.  I chose to have this experience because I have become quite sensitive to emotions and occurrences recently and wanted to see if I could make some things connect.  They did!!! I had started dating someone that came through during my regression.  I saw details related to places we went together that were later validated.  I am in awe of the things I saw and learned during my session that I could have never known about myself and both my past and future (rare!!).  This was an unforgettable experience, and the best part is that it is captured on CD for playback!!  You will not regret opening your mind to what the world needs you to know.--Angela

I went to see Louisa because I was concerned about my effectiveness as a parent.  I often feel like I have always dedicated more time to my career than I did to my own daughter.  In my session, I saw that I was the daughter of a wealthy Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt and witnessed first-hand the suffering of the men who built the pyramids.  The purpose of that life was to be mindful of whatever station I found in life.  I moved forward to another lifetime where I witnessed my wedding in what appeared to be England during the 1800's to my husband in my current life.  We have been together before!!  In the English lifetime, we had one daughter, but unfortunately, we both died young of disease and left our daughter an orphan.  She was taken into a neighboring family by a wealthy man and raised as one of his own.  The lesson for me there was that my daughter will always be fine and that I should release the guilt I have surrounding her.  My subconscious mind also gave me answers I needed to hear about by health and weight as well as issues I have been struggling with in association with my extended family members.  It gave me permission to be my own person and to be free from what society deems as acceptable.  This was such a huge breakthrough for me, as I was reared in a very judgmental "keep up with the Joneses" household.  Wonderful!!!  Simply wonderful!!! I felt so light and free afterward.  I highly recommend this experience for any and everyone.--Joanie




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