• Louisa Terrell

Welcome to my Website!!

Are you looking to discover your purpose? Do you want more out of life than merely going through the same motions every day? Are there questions you have about repeated dreams, times of deja vu' or visions? What would you ask your oversoul/sub-conscience if you could ask any or all questions? This is what QHHT hypnosis affords for you. Your sub-conscience has been with you since the beginning of time. It holds the records of every lifetime and experience your soul has traveled through and beyond to arrive here in the present time. Be sure to click on the links for more information, and absolutely you should read the writings of Dolores Cannon. She deserves all the credit for this beautiful healing modality--one that can both grant you physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual peace and clarity.

Hypnosis has gotten a bad rep thanks to our buddies in the mainstream media. Gone are the days when a client simply goes into trance to quit smoking or lose weight. QHHT hypnosis is the whole package. Safe, eye-opening, and most of all, comforting are the words my clients use to describe their experiences. Most of us have been all races and genders, animals, fairies, mermaids...the list goes on. Do your research, wrap your head and heart around the idea of seeing more of who you really are, and give me a buzz or drop me a message. Can't wait to meet you!!!





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