• Louisa Terrell

Life is a Journey

My spiritual journey began at a very young age. I was consistently sleep-walking and had the perception that I was surrounded by beings and entities I could not see starting at about age four. I grew up in a very religious Southern Baptist family, and am thankful for being exposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ for as long as I can remember.

My mother was the pianist and organist at our church, so I was there pretty much every time the door opened. I remember asking her one night as she was tucking me into bed if the Holy Ghost was something to fear. She emphatically replied, "No. Not at all. The Holy Spirit is always with you." And I have never doubted it. Not once.

My sweet Mama was not prepared for all that would happen with me, I'm sure. Bless her heart, she would hear the doors opening in the night and find me outside trying to look at the moon. She installed chain locks at the tops of the entry doors, but I still managed to pull a chair to the door and unlock them. As the parent of a young child, I know she was fearful for my safety, especially because I was going outside unconsciously. She would attempt to reason with me in my sleep state, only to be met with a know-it-all child who would proclaim that she knew exactly what she was doing.

I know now that I communicate better with Spirit outdoors. It's where I feel most at home, especially at night. And when I'm able to be in places with less artificial light, the communication is even stronger. You know...places like the beach or woods away from large towns. Wow. The things you can hear when you have a good connection with Spirit are amazing. Next time, I will talk about what I know about my spirit guides. They are all around us.

Life is Beautiful!





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