• Louisa Terrell

Happy New Year!!

Well, it's the time to start anew...the time to move forward from whatever you experienced in 2018 and leave the past behind. What a wonderful feeling!!! Are you living your happiest life? Are there people around you who zap your energy or bring your high-flying vibration down? I would encourage you to do an energy inventory.

Many times, we allow ourselves to be robbed unknowingly of our happiness and goodness. If you are like me, you tend to be a giver, a fixer, a lover...the last one to eat and the last one to go to bed. I have lived first-hand what always being the generous one can do to a person. There is a definite limit to the energy we have. Some years ago, I experienced what I thought must have been a nervous breakdown, and it certainly made sense given what I have endured for the years prior. I had gone through divorce, the death of my grandfather whom I adored and had always been my protector, raising of two adolescent children, working full-time, and financial worries surrounding the sale and upkeep of a large home. It was all simply too much for one person to handle, and one day I collapsed at home on my couch. My children called my mother, who arrived quickly with a pastor. He laid hands on me, and I jolted with what I can only explain was an energy bolt. For some days after, I had to adjust to the new-found energy. Most people are reluctant to speak about such occurrences, but I am certain there are others out there who have had similar experiences. I realized I needed to make some changes for my own spiritual and mental health. With the help of friends and family, I was able to move to a smaller home. Within a year, I had found a way to work from home so I could reduce my stress levels and rest more when my body needed it. And now, I finally feel like life is in balance.

When I was doing a regression of my own with a fellow practitioner last fall, I asked my subconscious mind what had really happened that day when I collapsed. They told me that the events of the last ten years or so had completely drained me of my energy and that I had to be completely recharged. Well...there you have it. We all have a limit. Be protective of yourself. But isn't it grand that we have guardian angels and spirit guides who are happy to give us a necessary reboot???





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